• Remove background from images with hair or fur

Image Masking is the ideal background removal technique for photos with complicated edges and clipping path isn’t applicable. If you need to remove background from images with hair or fuzzy edge, it’s essential to use advanced Photoshop mask technique to achieve great results. Background Remove utilizes the latest Photoshop tools to mask out soft perimeters with the highest precision and deliver the most natural look.

Image masking can do wonders on photos that contain:

How Photoshop Image Masking Works

Background Remove takes pride in customizing our approach to cater to each unique image. Here’s a better understanding of how we mask out background from complex image tasks, as well as photos with hair or objects with a fuzzy edge which typically have areas with sharp edges too. Different images require a different Photoshop treatment depending on the object and its background. While the Background Eraser Tool may be used for masking tasks, the photo quality is actually not good enough.

Our highly trained technicians often apply multiple techniques in one photo, including color separation, channel masking, and erasing the tiniest unwanted streaks- all done by hand. Only then are we able to deliver professional-looking images with clean and smooth edges that create great first impressions!